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1 Day Workshop

A fast-paced overview of project management approaches, concepts, tools and processes tailored to Executives



Executives provide high-level governance to ensure that correct processes and standards are followed across organization and projects, meeting required quality standards.


Workshop delivers understanding of what is required of Executives to support and ensure that projects will meet their goal, specifications, criteria, customer demands and company profitability goals.


Workshop Benefits

Projects savings: costs & time - 50%

Perform pro-active project sponsorship

Effective risk management on projects 

Sound executives decisions on projects


Workshop Outline

Project Management Overview

Project Management Essentials

Project Management Roles and Communication

Creating a Project Management Culture


Organizational information

Dates: 2018

Place: Bratislava

Price: 190,- EURO without VAT / 1 day

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Workshop is designed to show how Executive level can support and help project managers to be successful and avoid potential failures throughout the whole project cycle.

Workshop provides Executives and project sponsors with essential understanding of project management beyond the basic tools and processes involved.

As business environments are getting more complex - VUCA world, organizations are challenged with coping a seemingly unlimited supply of new projects and requirements with fewer available resources.


BENEFITS: Key outcomes - takeaways


Benefits and Key outcomes - takeaways

Participants will:

Understand key concepts and processes of project management

Able to effectively oversight key project phases

Perform pro-active project sponsorship; support required changes and innovations associated with projects


Provide high-level governance to ensure that correct processes and standards are followed across organization and projects, meeting required quality standards


Ensure alignment of projects objectives and company goals and strategies

Support project management value for organization and ensure appropriate company resources are effectively utilized

Make sure that all risks associated with projects are being addressed and appropriate measures taken at all levels of organization


savings on your projects:

Time up to 50%
Costs 20 - 30%
you can save up to 40 business days per year with efficient implementation




Understanding fundamentals of key project phases and associated risks and key success factors

How project management creates value to the organization / Stages of organizational project management maturity

Key characteristics of managing projects from a strategic perspective

Understanding of the various roles and responsibilities of executives and project managers throughout the project life cycle

Critical role in achieving overall company goals and results




How to align regular business processes and routines with disruptive project management dynamics, environment and requirements

Support project management value for organization and ensure appropriate company resources are effectively utilized

Make sure that all risks associated with projects are being addressed and appropriate measures taken at all levels of organization

How to react in times of project crisis and how to avoid them by taking proactive business decisions




In the last few years, project management has shifted from a tools, process and methods oriented approach to a complex, social and behavioral, context and technical competency-based discipline


Project management in VUCA world requires ability to deal with complex portfolio of changes, short product life cycle, cost efficiency and cross-functional expertise 


Complexity of projects has to deal with company processes and systems, fast communication, huge data flows, vast stakeholders influences and fast changing business environment


Sound and effective software project management support:

under privileged conditions, you can get the COMM-PASS Project Management Tool - more information











Unique executive experience of project management

Projects are becoming extremely challenging due to increased product complexity and the need for cross-functional expertise


Project management methodologies provide flexible structure to plan and manage activities, time, resources and costs with minimizing risks

Increase your awareness of behavioral decision-making biases that come to play in project settings and environment

Better utilization of Project Management fundamentals - More effective project planning and Human Behavior

Understand how to perform a quality assurance role on projects in your organization

Practice active sponsorship and advocacy for a project management initiative - Describe the value that project management provides to the organization

Key role of Executives

Critical factor is how Executives use their time, resources and influence in order to ensure successful oversight of project programs, portfolios or singular projects

Executives possess enormous power to create and influence environment in which projects can thrive. Utilizing executive power and position allows to take simple actions that can generate cross-company consequences and results.

Successful project management requires much more than technically oriented leadership, it requires business oriented leadership accompanied with project and human resources leadership in order to meet high standards of project goals, time, resources, cost, quality and scope requirements.










Workshop Outline

Key topics of Project management for Executives:

GET TO KNOW AND EXPERIENCE standard procedures, principles and selected tools of project management (designed for Top managers and executives)


1. Project Management Overview

Framework, concepts and characteristics of a project

Purpose and the benefits of project management


2. Project Management Essentials

Definition of key phases of project management




Monitoring / Controlling


Project priorities and potential resources conflicts

Effective risk management on projects

Innovations, effectiveness and change management on projects


3. Project Management Roles and Communication

Roles of the executive, project sponsor, and project manager

Quality assurance, deployment overseeing, sponsorship and advocacy

Effective communication on Executive level, information matrix


4. Creating a Project Management Culture

Foundations of a project management culture

Mutual cooperation between project environment and organizational structures

Strategic view on project management maturity


Who is the workshop designed for?

TOP Managers and Executives

TOP manages and executives who want to deepen and refresh their knowledge in project management

TOP managers and executives who are running project management team, or who are responsible for making change happen in their organizations

TOP managers and executives seeking inspiration and new ways of effective quality management with the resources deployed efficiently

Key Challenges in project management - Highlighted areas:

Challenges and key risk factors in creating a Project Management Culture

Project managers are challenged to deliver results with multi-national and multi-location project teams, keeping high morale, motivation and goal orientation across all project phases

How to make sound executives decisions in complex and uncertain project environment

Nowadays project management plays critical role in achieving complex changes, innovations and operational excellence in demanding business environment

Big picture - importance to keep complex project management programs aligned with particular projects and finally with overall company structures and strategies

Direct benefits and project management savings

Cost savings %
Saving time %
Saving number of days per year
Increase in innovation %

Organizational information

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Duration of training - workshop:

1 day / 9:00 - 17:00 /



Workshop Project management for Executives is led by:

Ing. Peter Minárik, Project Management Expert


mt: +421 905 852 231


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190,- EURO without VAT / 1 day per person

we have 10 seats for the participants

knowledge level: introductory workshop

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